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Domaine Aupilhac Languedoc Les Cocalieres Rouge 2014 Zoom

€ 19,00
Per 6: 17,5

Domaine Aupilhac Languedoc Les Cocalieres Rouge 2014

Rood - syrah – grenache – mourvedre – viooltjes – blauwe bessen - kersen – peper – zachte tannines - bio

De Languedoc is een van de meest dynamische wijnstreken van Frankrijk. De door de EU gesubsidieerde wijn voor de wijnplas heeft plaats gemaakt voor kwaliteit. Een mediterraan klimaat en een grote verscheidenheid aan bodems zorgen voor een enorme variatie van wijnen. Ook wordt de Languedoc nauwelijks gehinderd door eeuwigdurende tradities en starre regels. Je kunt hier wijn maken van de druiven die je wil, op de manier die je wil. Domaine d’Aupilhac van Sylvian Fadat heeft zich in minder dan 30 jaar ontwikkeld tot een van de beste producenten van de Languedoc, naast Mas Daumas Gassac, Mas Laval en Grange des Peres.

D’Aupilhac is biologisch gecertificeerd. Sylvian heeft wijngaarden in twee lieux dits. Aupilhac in Montpeyroux is een warme wijngaard, waarin vooral de rode druiven mourvedre en carignan en de witte ugni blanc en Clairette zijn aangeplant. Les Cocalieres is hoger gelegen en op het noordwesten georiënteerd. Hier vind je naast syrah de witte druiven roussanne, marsanne, grenache blanc en rolle (vermentino). De Cocalieres is een van de meest verfijnde wijnen van de Languedoc. In de neus viooltjes en blauwe bessen, in de mond ook kersen en peper. Zeer zachte tannines.

Kermit Lynch (de inconische wijnimporteur van California) over Aupilhac:

Three generations of Fadats have farmed the large, eighteen-hectare lieu-dit known as Aupilhac, in the village of Montpeyroux, across the river Hérault from Daumas Gassac and Grange des Pères. While the Fadats have farmed this land since the nineteenth century, and the vineyards date even farther back to the time of the Romans, it was not until 1989 that the current member of the Fadat family, Sylvain, finally registered the domaine as a vigneron indépendant. Aupilhac is a special parcel for many reasons. It sits at a high altitude, nestled below the ruins of the village’s château, at almost 1200 feet above sea level on terraced land with southwest sun exposure. The soils are rich in prehistoric oyster fossils, which lend an incredible length and minerality to the wines. Sylvain is not one to shy away from hard work. In a volcanic amphitheatre comprised of marine fossils and raw limestone, called Cocalières, he has done what few vignerons dare to do nowadays: he’s planted a vineyard on steep, extremely rocky terrain, and terraced the land himself. This is not only an enormous financial investment, but back-breaking work. This was the work done many centuries ago by the founders of France’s great terroirs such as Savennières and Cornas, planting the best and most promising parcels irrespective of time and money. Sylvain has also elected to have his fruit certified as organic in Europe, a mandatory three-year conversion process. For him, this is a choice both of conscience and pragmatism. He works the soil vigorously by plowing regularly. This forces the roots to dig deeper and deeper in the soil in search of cooler, humid subsoil, which protects the vines from drought and sun. Ultimately, his rationale centers on helping achieve a natural balance. In his words, “We believe that work in the vineyards has far more influence on a wine's quality than what we do in the cellar.” What happens in the cellars is equally compelling. (See below for more technical information.) Domaine d’Aupilhac’s wines find a terrific balance of ripe fruit and silky tannins, power and grace. When aged, these wines achieve a complexity rarely found in wines sold for many times the price, while their wildness and intensity makes them equally appealing young.


€ 19,00
Per 6: 17,5